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08.00 - 09.00
Attendee Registration
09.00 - 09.30

ITCAMP 2015 Conference Keynote

Mihai Tataran
Co-founder ITCAMP
Tudor Damian
Co-founder ITCAMP
Andrei Kelemen
Cluj IT Cluster
Emil Boc
Mayor of Cluj-Napoca
09.30 - 10.30

Hacker’s Perspective: Think and Act Like Hackers to Protect Your Company’s Assets

Level 300 | Session in English

Is there a weakness in your IT security system? Wouldn't it be better to find it before an untrusted source or hacker does? Even a small scale security breach could leave your business in poor condition. Every day, you can apply some basic behaviors to protect your company from attack. It is really surprising how often a hacker can use the same paths to enter your system! In the end, information security is not an IT department's problem, it is a business issue! Let’s put you into the hacker's role, and perform all the activities they would to better understand the threats.

During this interactive session, you will be presented with the following:

  • The tasks performed by hackers, or penetration testers, in order to check for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities
  • New things that make it hard to expect what part of the operating systems will be hit
  • Ways to search for security-related updates and learn the newest threats to the infrastructure with mitigation methods
  • Facts around management, monitoring and hardening as the most important things right now to perform the right information protection
  • New technologies that are needed to keep up with the evolving insecure world
  • A tip sheet for implementing best practices

Join Paula in the journey to the darker side of IT security, and use this knowledge for making good decisions related to your systems.

Paula Januszkiewicz
Enterprise Security MVP
10.30 - 11.00
Coffee break (foyer)
11.00 - 12.00

Organizational Sociology and the Anthropology of an Engineer

Level 200 | Session in English

How can you understand, motivate or encourage engineering people if you do not understand how they think or from where they come? In this talk, I will be looking back at some of the historical and modern evidence regarding the manner in which the engineering mind works and its role in society.

I will further go into the typical organizational issues which surround the typical business or organization and how these can impede or improve the work being done and the happiness of the people concerned.

Peter Leeson
CMMI Specialist
12.00 - 13.00
Lunch break
13.00 - 14.00

Implementing Domain Driven Design

Level 300 | Session in English

Domain Driven Design (DDD) is an approach to software design and development that focuses on the analysis of the business domain and uses ad hoc tools such as the ubiquitous language to split the business domain into distinct subdomains, each of which becomes a bounded context allowing for an effective supporting architecture.

After a brief introduction regarding the foundation of the DDD approach, we will focus on the challenge posed by the implementation of the “Blue Book” reference architecture (a.k.a. “Domain Model”) and then introduce the CQRS pattern as a way to reduce complexity.

Andrea Saltarello
Solution Architect

Hacking with PowerShell

Level 300 | Session in English

Windows PowerShell is a great tool combining the speed of the command line with the flexibility of a scripting language, making it helpful for IT professionals to automate administration of the Windows OS and its applications. Unfortunately, threat actors have recently taken advantage of this powerful scripting language just because PowerShell it's already installed on your Windows machine, trusted by Admins and most AntiVirus tools!

The session presents the steps that should get you starting on (Ethical) Hacking and PenTesting with PowerShell.

George Dobrea
Enterprise Security MVP

IT Risk Management

Level 300 | Session in English

Almost every business decision requires executives and managers to balance risk and reward, and efficiency in that process is essential to an enterprise’s success. Too often though, IT risk (business risk related to the use of IT) is overlooked.

While other business risks such as market, credit and operational risks have long been incorporated into the decision-making processes, IT risk has usually been relegated to technical specialists outside the boardroom, despite falling under the same risk category as other business risks: failure to achieve strategic objectives.

This session intends to address business risks related to the use of IT, looking at industry standards, frameworks and best practices, as well as focusing on real world examples and specific plans on how to implement IT Risk Management on every level of your company.

Tudor Damian
Hyper-V MVP

SQL Server Backup and Recovery Best Practices AD 2015

Level 300 | Session in English

Microsoft released SQL Azure more than four years ago - that's enough time for testing (I hope!). So, are you ready to move your data to the Cloud?

If you’re considering a business (i.e. a production environment) in the Cloud, you need to think about methods for backing up your data, a backup plan for your data and, eventually, restoring with Red Gate Cloud Services.

In this session, you’ll see the differences, functionality, restrictions, and opportunities in SQL Azure and On-Premise SQL Server 2008/2008 R2/2012/2014. We’ll consider topics such as how to be prepared for backup and restore, and which parts of a cloud environment are most important: keys, triggers, indexes, prices, security, service level agreements, etc.

Tobiasz Koprowski
SQL Server MVP
14.00 - 14.15
15-minute break
14.15 - 15.15

What's new in C# 6

Level 300 | Session in English

The upcoming release of C# 6 has already been finalized and bring a breeze of new interesting features that will make developers more productive.

In this session, we will not only look at the detailed new features, but also at the implications deriving from using these new characteristics such as the null propagation.

At the end of the session, we will briefly see what the new .NET Compiler Platform, previously known as project Roslyn that we discussed last year, can offer to make you more productive and have more fun!

Raffaele Rialdi
Developer Security MVP

The Sony Hack - Truth and myth, and what we can learn from it

Level 200 | Session in English

Timeline of one of the most notorious breaches in the latest years

  • What we know
  • What we don't know
  • Who did it
  • Common vectors and mistakes
  • How not to get owned like this

Daniel Petri
Directory Services MVP

Cloud Business Models

Level 200 | Session in English

Cloud computing is more a business revolution than it is a technological revolution. Also, SaaS applications will significantly outpace traditional software product delivery in the near future.

We’ll look at Cloud trends, see how cloud computing changes an IT company business model in potentially radical new ways and we will discuss concrete ways your business can grow in the modern world of software.

Business Case Study: how we migrate an existing solution to the Cloud.

This session is for technical leads, specialists, and decision makers in IT companies.

Mihai Tataran
Azure MVP

The future of wearables: how sensors, big data and cloud can save lives

Level 200 | Session in English

What if one morning you wake up and your watch will tell you: “John, be careful today. I see 75% chances for you to have a stroke”. At the same time an ambulance is already at your door waiting to take you to a physician for a consult …

Come and see how the future of wearable will look like and learn how to use them to improve the healthcare. In this session we will discuss the status of the smart wearables, we will understand the driving force behind this trend and what is the next step for developers: using big data and cloud to proper analyze and improve the healthcare.

2015 will be the year of the smart wearables and believe it or not everybody will be impacted. Maybe you don’t want a smart band/watch/shoe but Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft will push you to get one as soon as possible, because this is the future where we are going to!

Ionut Balan
Windows Phone MVP
15.15 - 15.45
Coffee break (foyer)
15.45 - 16.45

Big Cloud Workloads

Level 200 | Session in English

In this talk, Andy Cross explores the motivations and techniques for distributing workloads in a modern cloud. Using examples from Microsoft Azure, he will demonstrate homemade scalable applications and the pitfalls associated with this approach, discuss ready-made alternatives and highlight various design choices to make when selected either Big Data or Big Compute workloads.

Andy Cross
Azure MVP, RD

Cryptography Demystified: The Hackers Guide to Unlocking the Illusion of Security

Level 300 | Session in English

Join Andy Malone as he explores the world of Cryptography amid a changing world of the cloud power. New technology and post Snowden to ask if we can really trust or even secure our data and personal information.

An intensive and thought provoking sessions packed with demos, tricks and tips all aimed at ensuring you and your data are secure from prying eyes.

Andy Malone
Enterprise Security MVP

Transforming a successful software company

Level 200 | Session in English

Transforming a business has always two aspects: the economical needs and the human patterns of behavior.

Interestingly the human patterns of behavior and the economical needs are usually not going along, causing the dilemma that most of the desired transformation fail. During the speech solutions are shared by which this dilemma can be overcome.

Jürgen Samuel

Migrating Workloads from Windows Server 2003 to 2012 R2

Level 300 | Session in English

As you may know on the 14th of July, Microsoft is pulling the plug on Windows Server 2003. 2003 R2 and the SBS variant. What does that mean actually? That means no more fixes, no more security updates and you will certainly not pass any compliance audit. If you are still running any variant of Windows Server 2003 when July 14th passes, you will gain an extreme security risk that will impact all your physical and virtual servers.

So your time is running out, the decision has been made, everything you still need to do is to start the migration process.

Join this session in order to learn what needs to be done in order to migrate all Windows foundation services like Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Print Servers, File Shares and DFS to Windows Server 2012 R2 and get rid of those legacy windows servers.

Florin Loghiade
IT Systems Engineer
16.45 - 17.00
15-minute break
17.00 - 18.00

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Azure Mobile Services

Level 200 | Session in English

Microsoft Azure Mobile Services provides a straightforward way to expose backend data to multiple applications on multiple devices.

In this presentation, I will show how to expose cloud data access and other processes via a REST interface and connect to that data from applications running on Windows, Windows Phone, iOs Android, and JavaScript. You will also learn how to secure these services; how to scale these services to meet volatile demand; how to push notifications to client apps; and how to manage Mobile Services from within Visual Studio.

David Giard
Technical Evangelist

The Opportunities and Challenges of Becoming a SaaS Solution Provider using Microsoft Azure

Level 200 | Session in English

The cloud is here, and it is here to stay. From an exotic, moderately interesting, and remote possibility, cloud computing and cloud platforms have become mainstream in just a few years. They are unlocking tremendous potential from both technical and business perspectives.

In the same time, they are transforming fundamentally the business models for software vendors by providing the ideal environment for building high-value software solutions delivered as SaaS (Software as a Service).

Join me in this session for a hands-on, real world experience-based discussion about the opportunities and challenges of becoming a SaaS solution provider on Microsoft Azure. I will talk about our journey in building MobileRoute, a SaaS business suite aimed to improve business productivity in modern organizations.

Ciprian Jichici
Azure MVP, RD

Mobile Device Management Solutions – A Comparative Study

Level 200 | Session in English

Attend this session to find out about mobile device management solutions available on the market, and a feature by feature comparison.

We will discuss the feature set for configuring mobile device settings, configuring VPN, Wi-Fi and Active Sync, enrolling for certificates, identity management and document encryption features. Find out how Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite stacks out against the competition.

Adrian Stoian
Enterprise Client Management MVP
08.30 - 09.00
Attendee Registration
09.00 - 10.00

Application Insights for Any App: Must-Have Tool for Understanding Your Customers

Level 300 | Session in English

Whether you have to prioritize user stories on your backlog, learn what the best ways to monetize your applications are or simply want to find what the errors your customers are referring to (‘it showed an error, but I don’t remember what it said’), monitoring your applications is key if you want to be successful in the ISV industry.

And yet too many applications, once deployed, remain unmonitored and thus, their developers tend to behave passive when it comes to supporting their customers. Ever heard a developer say ‘I don’t know why it doesn’t work for you. It works perfectly fine on my PC.’?

During this session I’ll walk you through the best practices of both implementing and using Azure Application Insights so that you will be two steps ahead of your customer and be pro-active when it comes to supporting applications deployed in the wild.

Alex Mang
Azure Advisor

How to scale above clouds limits

Level 300 | Session in English

The number of devices that are online increases every day. The quantity of digital content that is produced every year sets new record each time. Last but not least clients are more and more demanding. A cloud provider offers us a great basket of resources but we need to know how to use and manage them.

In this session we will talk about how to scale over this limits and how to be prepared for this kind of situations. If we are designing our system to be prepared to scale over cloud services limits then we will have a system that will be used in 5 year from now. We will talk about different scenarios when it is easy to reach different limits and we will learn how to overcome them.

Radu Vunvulea
Azure MVP

Leadership for the 21st Century

Level 200 | Session in English

“Human capital has displaced tangible assets as the primary variable in the value creation equation. This shift is so great that people may now be the only competitive differentiator in the global markets.” (Michael E. Echols in Competitive Advantage)

Despite Echols' observation, 84% of the employees all over the world plan to look for a new position in the next year, delivering significantly less than their potential in the working place.

These observations call for reconsidering the leadership role in the 21st century. Are we prepared for motivating and leading people? Are we aware of the cost effectiveness of leaderhip compared with financial motivation? Are we equiped with the proper tools for increasing the employees’ engagement? We will try together to find an answer...

Dan Cantaragiu
Business Partner

Azure vs AWS

Level 300 | Session in Romanian

Both Amazon and Microsoft are investing heavily in their cloud infrastructure and it will be interesting to see how they stand against each other.

This session will walk you through a general comparison between Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services from both an operations and development point of view. We will be covering subjects like terminology, feature comparison, prices and licensing, management, migration and deployment scenarios, with advantages and disadvantages for both sides.

Which stands out? Let’s find out!

Razvan Rusu
IT Consultant
10.00 - 10.30
Coffee break (foyer)
10.30 - 11.30

Implementing CQRS and Event Sourcing

Level 300 | Session in English

Applying CQRS can not only make the resulting design of our system simpler and more effective but, freeing us from the burden of the “one model fits all” approach, it also allows architects to adopt different strategies when it comes to business logic modeling: event persistence, then, weds well with a strategy of separating the command and query stacks (CQRS), and with the idea that distinct databases are used to save the state of the application and expose it to the presentation layer.

Although lot has been written about CQRS and Event Sourcing, missing working code publicly available seems to be the elephant in the room: in this talk, we’ll find out how to implement a CQRS/ES application by having a look at a simple, though relevant, application.

Andrea Saltarello
Solution Architect

Hacking the Human – Performing the Ultimate Cyber Attack

Level 300 | Session in English

The greatest weakness in any secure system is still the humble human.

In this session Andy Malone takes you on a journey inside the human mind to discover what makes us tick. From out strengths to our vulnerabilities.

In this intriguing session learn the latest techniques to improve your security and ensure your greatest weakness becomes your greatest strength.

Session includes topics such as Social engineering, NLP techniques, Psychcotronic Weapons. If you want to know what makes you tick, this is a security session you won’t want to miss.

Andy Malone
Enterprise Security MVP

Being a product owner - a story of a beginning

Level 200 | Session in English

This will be a “lessons learned” presentation from a first hand experience in building a product.

Aspects such as the role of the product owner (i.e. being hands-on and wearing multiple hats), defining a business model and involving customers in all stages of the product life cycle (i.e. validation, usability testing, early adoption and growth) will be addressed.

Sorina Mone
Marketing Professional

An Irreverent Guide to Assessing Code Quality

Level 300 | Session in English

An incredible amount of effort is spent daily for maintaining and evolving huge amounts of legacy code that usually bears the unmistakable odour of a "stinky" design. At the same time we hear more and more often about tools that claim to guide to us to the green pastures of software quality. These tools compute myriads of metrics and throw at us thousands of warnings. Managers are gazing ecstatically at complex dashboards full of complex and vividly coloured charts and trend lines.

Sophisticated "technical debt calculators" are converting, with great boldness, internal quality issues to scary financial figures. With such an impressive arsenal of methodologies, techniques, and tools, software projects should be under full control. Except they are not!

Often, metrics leave us clueless on how to improve the quality of our software; even worse, following blindly the goal of fixing some metric values usually leads to a degradation of a system's quality.

In this talk, I invite you to take together a closer, critical look at some of the most prominent code quality tools (e.g. Sonar and ReSharper). I will share some of the practical lessons learned through my 15+ years of experience on creating and using code analysis techniques and tools.

I will also discuss the need to find new ways of correlating the various sources of information about a project, in order to move from raw data to insightful knowledge that can lead to real improvement actions. The presentation will abound in pragmatism, as I will try to share with you some of the insights that I got while helping teams to deal with code quality issues in large-scale software companies.

Radu Marinescu
Group Manager for Code Quality
11.30 - 11.45
15-minute break
11.45 - 12.45

How to Deliver an End-to-End Solution with a Multi-Device Hybrid App

Level 300 | Session in English

The Cordova tooling in Visual Studio brings cross-platform development to the world’s best IDE. Yet, Enterprise Mobility consists of more than just building the app. Without testing strategies, communication, integration, management and measurement, it’s likely that it will not succeed. We’ll look at various tools to make up for the absent parts.

George Saadeh
Master Consultant

Memory Remains: Useful Techniques for Retrieving and Analyzing Memory Content

Level 300 | Session in English

During this session Paula will explain and show the techniques for memory acquisition, techniques for grabbing the juicy data, and why it is so amazing to find someone's memory dump! Acquiring and analyzing physical memory as done by forensics professionals is a crucial skill to understand how an operating system works or worked during the incident. For hobbyists, working with memory can be useful to perform troubleshooting and understand how certain solutions work. The valuable content contains evidence of user actions, hacker's tasks, malicious code behaviors, and the story of what happened on a system.

This session is really intense but practical at the same time, as always it is packed with a lot of live demos and stories, so make sure you leave the party earlier in order to not to miss a thing!

Paula Januszkiewicz
Enterprise Security MVP

Apps 2015: A legal odyssey

Level 200 | Session in English

This topic gives an overview of some potential legal issues faced by developers when ‘launching’ their apps - for example, intellectual property tailored to the software industry, contracts with resellers and platform providers, privacy – all seasoned with some practical examples.

Claudia Jelea
IT & IP legal expert

Software Defined Storage in Windows Server vNext

Level 300 | Session in English

Have you ever wanted to build a Scale-Out File Server using shared nothing Direct Attached Storage (DAS) hardware like SATA or NVMe disks?

In this session we cover advances in Microsoft Software Defined Storage that enables building Scale-Out File Servers using Storage Spaces with shared nothing DAS hardware. Review sizing guidelines, best practice recommendations, with exceptional $/IOPS and $/GB cost efficiency for best-in-class application performance.

Tiberiu Radu
Senior Consultant
12.45 - 13.45
Lunch break
13.45 - 14.45

Unlocking the power of the Modern Apps on the desktop

Level 400 | Session in English

With Windows 10, the so-called Modern Apps can be resized in a Windows giving the desktop users the opportunity to use them, as they were traditional Windows desktop apps. Anyway, there are big differences in terms of programming model that constrain these apps to a restricted set of APIs and isolate them in a sandbox.

In this session, we will inspect the sandbox to understand the deepest details in terms of token, process characteristics, integrity levels and other limitations that prevent malicious apps to damage the user environment. However, there are enterprise scenarios where you may want to overcome these limitations for side-loaded applications.

In this session, we will first see how those enforcements works in theory, then use some code to overcome the sandbox restrictions and finally use the smooth official solution, the brokered component, to achieve the same results.

Raffaele Rialdi
Developer Security MVP

SQL Server Security in the Cloud

Level 200 | Session in English

Our data should be secure. And our environment too. What we can do for maximize security in a hybrid environment, where SQL Server exist in two forms: premise and cloud. How organize our job, how control our data if we use Windows Azure SQL Database - The Cloud Database. Physical security, policy based management, auditing, encryption, federation, access and authorization. All of those subjects will be covered on my session.

Tobiasz Koprowski
SQL Server MVP

Orchestrated Knowledge

Level 200 | Session in English

Imagine what it would be like to work in an organization which values your knowledge and seeks primarily to improve your knowledge, so that you can better use it to improve the whole level of the organization.

Rather than having to manage in an organization in which you are not informed of the purpose of your work or the end result, the Orchestrated Knowledge organization is seeking to facilitate your sharing of knowledge at every level, encouraging you to solve your own problems rather than depending on reporting structures and management decisions which you do not understand.

While it may not be possible for you to transform instantly your management chain to fit the model described here, it should give you the means to start the thinking about how things can evolve from a 19th century hierarchical society to a 21st century knowledge based society…

Peter Leeson
CMMI Specialist

Achieving Low Coupling by Refactoring Towards Higher Cohesion

Level 300 | Session in English

When writing software we never get directly to a good code design, to a design that minimizes the cost of change. Instead we improve the design of our code by gradually refactoring it. We put into the code the knowledge we learn by experimenting with it. In general, a loose coupled design is better, is less resistant to changes. Knowing patterns of refactoring, and simple heuristics to identify refactoring opportunities increases our efficiency in getting to a good code design.

In this session I will demonstrate how by refactoring in small steps, by following some simple rules and by applying some simple heuristics of increasing the cohesion of our classes and functions, we can get to a looser coupled design, to a better code design. I will walk you through this process by taking a piece of C# code and work on it during the session, improving it together with you.

Florin Coros
Software Architect
14.45 - 15.00
15-minute break
15.00 - 16.00

Reactive functional web development in the browser with F# + WebSharper + CloudSharper

Level 300 | Session in English

So you have heard about functional programming but never actually used it for something awesome?

Now is your chance to learn about functional web development, and see how you can beat your fellow programmers to even the strictest deadlines and produce more awesome, more concise, and more maintainable web applications that really shine and work like a charm even the first time.

We will be writing code in CloudSharper, the world’s first online F# development environment, checking out pure magic data and visualization techniques, and building up a real-life reactive web application in the browser with nothing but 100% F# code.

Adam Granicz

Catching the bad guys

Level 200 | Session in English

We are constantly reminded on how bad is our security problem. Hackers and malicious users are all over the place, and it seems that no organization is truly protected against them. However, with some deep investigation of the bad guys' activities it may be possible to find them, and hopefully user legal measures against them. Let's look at one of these examples.

Daniel Petri
Directory Services MVP

The extended story: Product Innovation

Level 200 | Session in English

What is about innovation that gets business people so interested in? Nowadays, the technology is transforming the world we live in, augmenting the speed of innovation and creating a “now” society.

On one hand, the innovation derives from inspiration and operates at a real-time speed. On the other hand, the traditional outsourcing companies operate in a more predictable manner, amidst growing competitive pressure.

How can managers lead an outsourcing business to product innovation? At the intersection of outsourcing and technology lies a new opportunity for businesses, to extend the story and to build new products, especially where technology forms a part of the new product itself.

Bogdan Herea

Building awesome user experiences in Universal Windows Apps by leveraging Cortana and the Speech SDK

Level 200 | Session in English

Get an accelerated ramp-up on adding speech capabilities to apps, tour Cortana, and review the capabilities of the Speech SDK in Windows and Windows Phone. Find out how to build speech-enabled mobile apps with Visual Studio for Windows devices. You'd be surprised at what you can do with as little as three lines of code!

Silviu Niculita
16.00 - 16.30
Coffee break (foyer)
16.30 - 17.30

MEAN stack - JavaScript on fire

Level 300 | Session in English

An introduction to the MEAN stack and it's components: MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngluarJS and NodeJS. A working example will be shown. The pros and cons will be presented in a comparison with a corresponding Microsoft stack.

Tibor Molnar

Privacy-first Development

Level 300 | Session in English

Privacy used to be treated as a second-class citizen in regard to security. No more. In recent years, privacy has become more and more important as increasing amounts of data shift from on-premises to the cloud.

Find out why privacy matters and join our conversation on privacy guidelines for developing today’s software and services.

Dan Nicola
Vlad Iliescu
Senior Developer
17.30 - 18.00
Conference Closing

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